Game Options

The Game Options are split into two sections, Main Options and the Platform Settings. The main options start with the General options, which is where you can set certain things that will affect the game regardless of the platform that it is being designed to run on.

General Game OptionsThe window has the following sections:

The Asset Browser will also have other Game Options available to you depending on the target platforms that are available for the licence that you have and not all of them may be available or visible.

The following platform specific game options exist:

NOTE: The various Console Game Options are not listed here due to the various legal restrictions maintained by the different companies. If you have a Console Licence, then you can get this information form the YoYo Games Helpdesk, but you must first contact YoYo Games with your console ID email and request permission to view the different sections.

Some GameMaker Studio 2 licences may also show Game options for the Amazon Fire target. These are legacy options as newer licences support the Fire platform directly using the Android game options. If your licence still shows Amazon Fire then you can find out information about the options from the following page: