This function will return whether a gamepad is connected to the given "slot" (returns true) or not (returns false). You would normally use this function in conjunction with the gamepad_get_device_count() function to get the correct number of available game pads and/or gamepad "slots". Note that there may be a slight delay between the user connecting the gamepad and GameMaker Studio 2 detecting it as being connected (this is especially the case when dealing with bluetooth connected controllers).

NOTE: On some platfroms - especially consoles - this function may return false immediately after a gamepad has been connected/selected and may need to be checked in an alarm a few frames (steps) later for it to correctly detect the gamepad.




Argument Description
device Which gamepad "slot" to check.






var gp_num = gamepad_get_device_count();
for (var i = 0; i < gp_num; i++;)
   if gamepad_is_connected(i)[i] = true else[i] = false;

The above code loops through the available game pads (or gamepad slots) and then checks each one for a connected gamepad. the returned value is then used to set a global array to true or false for use in future checks.