With this function you can set the direction for the given sequence playhead. You supply the sequence element ID as returned by layer_sequence_create() or by one of the layer element functions, and then give the playhead direction which should be one of the following constants:


Constant Description Value
seq_dir_right The sequence will play frames in an incremental order from left to right 1
seq_dir_left The sequence will play frames in a decremental order from right to left -1




layer_sequence_headdir(sequence_element_id, direction)

Argument Description
sequence_element_id The unique ID value of the sequence element to target
direction The playhead direction, a constant, listed above






var _seq = layer_sequence_create("Background", 0, 0, seq_AnimatedBackground);
layer_sequence_headdir(_seq, seq_dir_left);

The above code creates a new sequence and stores its ID in a local variable. This ID is then used to set the playhead direction to decrement frames (right to left playback).