With this function you supply the sequence element ID - as returned by layer_sequence_create() or by one of the layer element functions - and it will return the current playhead direction, which will be one of the constants listed below.




Argument Description
sequence_element_id The unique ID value of the sequence element to target





Constant Description Value
seq_dir_right The sequence is playing frames in an incremental order from left to right 1
seq_dir_left The sequence is playing frames in a decremental order from right to left -1



if layer_sequence_get_headdir(title_sequence) != seq_dir_left
    layer_sequence_headdir(title_sequence, seq_dir_left);

The above code checks the the current playhead direction of the sequence element ID stored in the variable "title_sequence", and if it's not set to seq_dir_left, it is set to this value.