Sequence Layers

In this section we have the functions that are used for adding, removing and editing how Sequences behave in a game room in relation to the layer they are on. It should be noted that sequences are similar to objects, in that when one is created on a layer in a room, it is considered an instance of the main sequence object from the Asset Browser. So, when you add a sequence to a layer in a room, you are creating an instance of the base sequence object, and this sequence instance is added as an element within a room layer. The sequence instance is what controls things like playback speed and direction, and will itself contain another sequence data struct which is what contains the actual sequence track data. This is important, as the functions listed below will reference the sequence element ID (the ID of the sequence on the layer) as well as the sequence instance ID (the actual ID of the sequence that is being referenced by the element) and the sequence data struct (which contains all the sequence data).

Below is a list of all the functions that can be used for editing sequences that have been added to an asset layer:



There are also additional functions available for dealing with the contents of sequences and for defining your own. You can find a complete list of these functions in the following section: