GameMaker Language Overview

This section of the manual contains all the information required to understand and use the GameMaker Studio 2 scripting language GML. The runtime functions in this language can be used to create your games and is added into objects from the Object Editor, normally when you've chosen to make a new GameMaker Language Project, although it can also be used along with DnD™ (Drag and Drop). Below you can see a typical image of an object with the code editor open on an event:

Object, Events and Code OverviewEach event has its own tab in the editor and you can add, edit, or remove code from them at any time (for more information on events see Object Events). The code itself must have a basic structure and can contain resource indices, variables, functions, expressions, keywords... etc... all of which are explained in the sections below. If you are a novice to programming or making the switch from DnD™, it is recommended that you start with the page on Basic Code Structure and then read through all the other pages in this section, testing code from each one within GameMaker Studio 2 itself.